Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nordic Perl Workshop

Last month I attended the Nordic Perl Workshop.

It was definitely one of the best Perl conferences I've been to. Fun all around, great people, and well organized.

Perl people often joke about JIT slide writing. Well this time I was a good boy and wrote my slides in the morning, way before my talk. What I did write at the last minute was the slide software. More on this soon.

I was actually productive during the hackathon (usually I'm only productive because of hackathons, afterwords). mst and I found and fixed some hairy Moose issues involving metaclass compatibility and the immutable code generation. I also ported over Rakudo's MMD resolution algorithm to MooseX::Types::VariantTable, so that rafl could finish this bit of awesome. Lastly, I had my hair set on fire by Ingy



Anonymous said...

3% of a single hair!

Anonymous said...

The fact that we can write such code in Perl 5 today fills me with glee. The fact that Perl 6 doesn't yet have a standard MMD resolution algorithm doesn't.

I'm also sad I wasn't there to defend your hair. You're the one who's supposed to be setting things on fire, not Ingy.

nothingmuch said...

Rakudo has a very sensible algorithm, I think it's the standard Perl 6 one too.

There is no more type distance computation, only binary comparison of type narrowness. This produces a topological sort, and any time there is a match on more than one candidate in the same sort level, that is a runtime error.