Friday, September 11, 2009

YAPC::Tiny, YAPC::Asia

I'd like to thank to everyone that made my trip to Asia so great thus far.

To list but a few: thanks to the JPA for organizing YAPC::Asia, especially Daisuke for being so accommodating when it wasn't clear if I would make it till the end, gugod for organizing YAPC::Tiny, Kenichi Ishigaki and Kato Atsushi for translating my talks (though only one was presented in the end), clkao and audreyt for being such great hosts in Taiwan, Dan Kogai for hosting us at Hotel Dan, and the Japanese and Taiwanese Perl communities in general for being so much fun to be around.

I'm so indebted to everyone involved in this conference and all of the others, it makes every one of these trips fun and memorable, totally justifying the fact that Perl takes up such an unhealthily large part of my life and income.

Tomorrow is the hackathon, always my favourite part of conferences. On my agenda:

  • Hacking with gfx and rafl on Moose's XS stuff
  • Fixing a weird corruption that happens with Continuation::Delimited, so that finally it passes all of its tests. Once that happens I can focus on adding new failing tests, which is much more fun ;-)
  • Playing with PSGI/Plack, Stardust, and other cool things I learned about during the conference and will probably discover tomorrow

On Sunday, the last day of my trip, CL and I are going to try to not get killed on Mount Myogi.

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