Sunday, June 27, 2010

KiokuDB 0.46

rafl and I have just uploaded KiokuDB::Backend::DBI version 1.11 and KiokuDB version 0.46.

These are major releases of both modules, and I will post at length on each of these new features in the coming days:

  • Caching live instances of immutable objects. For data models which favour immutability this should provide significant speedups with minimal code changes and no change in semantics.
  • Leak tracking is now in core. This was previously only available in Catalyst::Model::KiokuDB.
  • KiokuDB::Entry objects can be discarded after use to save memory (until now they were always kept around for as long as the object was still live)
  • Integration between KiokuDB managed objects and DBIx::Class managed rows, allowing for mixed relational/graph schemas as in this job queue example.

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