Thursday, July 1, 2010

KiokuDB's Immutable Object Cache

KiokuDB 0.46 added integration with Cache::Ref.

To enable it just cargo cult this little snippet:

my $dir = KiokuDB->connect(
    live_objects => {
        cache => Cache::Ref::CART->new( size => 1024 ),

To mark a Moose based object as cacheable, include the KiokuDB::Role::Immutable::Transitive role.

Depending on the cache's mood, some of those cacheable objects may survive even after the last live object scope has been destroyed.

Immutable data has the benefit of being cacheable without needing to worry about updates or stale data, so the data you get from lookup will always be consistent, it just might come back faster in some cases.

Just make sure they don't point at any data that can't be cached (that's treated as a leak), and you should notice significant performance improvements.

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