Friday, May 1, 2009

Blame mst

My name is Yuval, and I am a Perl hacker, at least as far as my brand new Internet Diary is concerned!

I'm fairly bad at sustaining habits, writing, and coming up with ideas to share, so that probably means I will probably be an awful blogger. However, since so many of my fellow programmers are stepping up to the Iron Man challenge, I thought I'd give it a try as well. The worst that could happen is that mst's hair will not be colored be purple with glitters.


Jeremiah said...

Hi. This is a comment. On your blog. It's, like, the first one.

Paul Driver said...

Like, FIRST. You could almost say.

I tried doing this blogging thing a couple times. It never works for me.

Jay said...

Like I told my mom: If your only blog post is about blogging for the first time, then you still haven't blogged. You have to pick some other topic. ANY other topic. I would accept "I like cookies" as your first blog post. But not this one. :p (jhannah)